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Bogotá, Colombia



Branding - Web Design - Web Development - Social Media

Bilbi is an initiative with a solid and sincere mission,sustainability at the heart of everything it undertakes and produces. This brand aims for a responsible approach and claims to make people aware of the importance of reducing and reusing. Their custom bags are made from truck billboards, a material that is usually discarded or burned because its "life cycle is over." They recover as much of it as they can, extend its life cycle by transforming it into something inimitable with new functionality. Since every billboar is different, each design is one-of-a-kind.

The concept behind Bilbi is pretty metaphoric. We thought of how scars are battle wounds that reveal the journey traced. In the meantime, they gradually repair themselves, and then healing takes place. Once they regenerate, it transforms into a different yet beautiful scar, ready to move on. The crew came up with a solid
minimal visual system presenting their core values through a sober color palette and simple typefaces to endorse this concept. The urban style used across the brand echoes the adventurous spirit of each bag. We used graphic resources such as zooming into details of contemporary architecture to capture the journey and the urban side of Bilbi.