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London, UK



Logo Design

Britzels sources the highest-quality, clean and simple ingredients to bake premium, American-styled sourdough bite-sized pretzels. Britzels introduces a new category of pretzels currently not found in the UK, one that is a premium snack that comes in both crunchy and soft varieties, flavored in sweet, savory and an array of different spices. They approached us to create a logo that depicted its high-end, premium, indulgent and shareable character.

We crafted a timeless logo that was born from the concept of sharing. This typeface adds flair, distinctiveness, and personality to the brand due to its “caligraphic” nature and manages to visually achieve a high-end, classic and premium appearance. The letters are intentionally formed and joined in a rapid flowing style to depict the concept of “sharing” but also to evoke the indulgent, delicious and artisanal side of Britzels’ pretzels. We crafted two different icons for Britzels: a “B” that is reminiscent of the shape of a pretzel and a pretzel that visually represents the product while being highly recognizable to consumers. We integrated a sober color palette that harmoniously complements the minimal, and clean logo.