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California, USA


Hooked Coffee

Branding - Packaging

Hooked Coffee offers all-in-one convenient portable coffee pouches that deliver a simple yet elevated brewing experience. Their single-serve pour over pouches are packed with 100% premium single-origin coffee with varied flavor profiles and aromas that yield a pleasant sensory experience around the coffee ritual. In an oversaturated coffee market, it can be difficult to stand out in the crowded shelves. While most brands want to mimic other well-known coffee brands, Hooked Coffee on the contrary, wanted to give their brand a different approach and help them rise above the market noise.

On the outlook for a bolder approach that would attract coffee lovers, we crafted a systematic, flexible, and dynamic visual identity. Our inspiration was drawn from the brand’s well-balanced coffee and its varied flavor notes. We crafted a visually compelling logo that relies entirely on symbolism and gathers the product's key attributes. The two “O”’s are playfully layered one right on top of the other to resemble the coffee pouch on top of the coffee cup. The typeface is bold, and slightly condensed; the bold aspect represents strong coffee flavors and the condensed aspect embodies Hooked Coffee’s practical convenience. Taking this into consideration, we created a  strong, and bright color palette that helps accentuate the brand’s attributes and sensations. We paired it up with rounded and colorful geometric shapes to showcase the delicate balance of their premium coffee while contrasting it with rich bright colors to highlight Hooked Coffee’s taste appeal and innovative approach. Combining all these elements together, the visual identity feels bold, fresh, approachable, and distinctive, and that's exactly what we were looking forward to achieving.

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