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Just Nosh

Illustration - Packaging

Just Nosh provides healthy, convenient, and delicious solutions for your everyday noshing occasions. These bars are made of only real food, gut-friendly ingredients and no artificial flavors to help ease digestion, support bones and much more. Just Nosh approached us with just a logo and asked us to create a visual identity proposal around it for their packaging.

Considering that protein bars typically feature an outdated, busy and highly contrasted design, we decided to take a different path. Reimagining that stereotypical concept, we explored a different approach that echoes its clean, natural, friendly and balanced nature. Our aim was to stir the market shelves and create an appealing brand that would stand amongst other protein bars at retail. To translate their organic-natural mindset into the design, we featured different illustrated characters and ingredients that captured its healthy lifestyle and created a light and accessible brand. We paired up the illustrations with pastel soft tones to give it a mild, natural and soothing sensation. The end result is an appealing brand identity that resonates with the brand’s essence and personality.

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