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Maryland, USA


Kate Scharff

Branding - Web Design - Web Development

Kate Scharff is a psychotherapist, mediator, parent coordinator, divorce consultant, senior collaborative divorce practitioner and trainer with over 30 years of clinical experience. In addition to clinical work, she teaches both nationally and internationally and is a renowned author.

We created the branding for her brand and after that, Kate reached out to us with a cluttered website that had an overly-busy design with no personality. She wanted to help shape her personal branding and design an appealing and user-friendly website. It was challenging because of the nature of her career. It has a lot of text and information, we had to find a way to make all of that info appealing, trustworthy and accessible. We used soothing, toned-down pastel gradients since they are subtle on the eye and deliver a range of emotions: calmness, peace, and satisfaction. These are emotions that can be directly associated with Psychotherapy. We paired up the design with a sans serif font because of how crisp and clean it looks and how highly readable it can be. To create an effortless effect, we used an illustrated style composed of lines that adds lightness and movement to the overall design. These continuous lines​​ represent how life is a thread that can move forward, intersect, get tangled but always get shaped. The end result is a soothing, minimal web design that gives a warm but professional look.