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New York, USA



Web Design - Web Development

Minti is a modern, science-backed, planet-friendly oral care brand that makes the world smile. They believe you shouldn't have to choose between a healthy smile and a healthy planet—they should go hand-in-hand. Following these same ethics, Minti uses sustainable ingredients, recyclable and compostable materials, and follows strict manufacturing guidelines to keep impact low.

This brand is more than a high-quality, cruelty-free oral care brand. It's the culmination of passion, research, field work, and the dream of something better, cleaner, fresher, modern, and more representative. As a desire to break boundaries and shake up the dental industry, the crew created a bold, clean, fluid, interactive, and engaging website. We created a well-designed site that offers far more than aesthetics. It grabs potential customers' attention and guides them through Minti's products- keeping them engaged. Color, fonts, layouts, and workflows work holistically to provide a seamless, enjoyable user experience.

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