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Perfectly Cordial

Illustration - Web Design - Web Development - Monthly Graphic Design 

Perfectly Cordial is a fresh, easy, fruit cocktail mixer handmade in Nashville. Our challenge was to create an illustrated universe that immerses customers in Perfectly Cordial’s world through their website.

We started off by creating bright and appealing illustrations that worked with the brand’s essence. The green landscapes, and fresh fruits evoke a fresh and natural feeling, which perfectly mirrors the non-artificial quality of the products. We integrated multiracial characters to emphasize the fact that Perfectly Cordial is a multicultural women-owned company. Each individual page features a unique illustration that highlights the product's flavor and attributes. The imagery unfolds a narrative as the visitor naturally navigates through the website so that any user feels part of  Perfectly Cordial’s world. Through color and landscapes we transport the visitors through the different worlds and in their journey, they find details in the illustration that captivates their attention. Without having the product in their hand, we make the clients taste and feel Perfectly Cordial.