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New York, USA



Branding - Packaging - Web Design - Web Development - Social Media - Monthly Graphic Design 

Pricklee is a fresh cactus water drink packed with natural antioxidants that defend the body from the inside out. They reached out to us to refresh their current branding and website with a different, playful, fresh and eye-catching approach that revolved around Pricklee’s mission: Be resilient like a cactus.

Our backbone concept was inspired by the brand’s mission in order to create an eclectic and playful graphic universe where the cacti come to life. Inspired by the geometric aspect of nature, we created character illustrations, named cactoids composed of a vibrant color palette and playful compositions. All these elements come together to create a unique and bespoke universe also known as “The Cactusverse” that is full of vitality, vibrancy and refreshment. The  illustrations not only mimic cacti but also inject personality to the brand. The end result was a robust brand that communicates its vision, personality and its key message in the most eye-catching way. To compile the brand’s universe and translate it into a unique and interactive website, we integrated the illustrated universe and the cacti cactoids to bring the oasis archetype to life. The overall design is interactive and intuitive, but also feels bold, fresh, fluid, and entertaining. It smoothly unfolds as the user scrolls down, immersing users into a vast oasis of flavors, benefits, cactoids and storytelling.