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Bogotá, Colombia.


Tio Mao

Branding, Social Media

Tio Mao is a Chinese food restaurant that is entirely aware of the importance of high-quality, fresh and wholesome food.

Tio Mao wanted to create a playful brand that showed their unique flavors by bringing together tradition, indulgence, and humor. We developed a character for the brand itself known as Tio Mao. The character was created by drawing dozens of sketches taking into account the minimal element we wanted mixed with tradition and the mischief personality of Tio Mao. This Chinese character makes everyone have a blast because he is always speaking the truth. The Tio Mao identifier was composed of a sans serif typeface, an icon, and the Mandarin translation of Tio Mao. Combining organic shapes and contrasting color, they balance and merge into a brand that is faithful to the culture without being cliché.

Tio Mao_Gráfica-05-12.png
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