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Bogotá, Colombia



Naming -Branding - Packaging - Social Media

Wiggli is a daycare campus to drop off your pups for playdates, pajama pawties, active doggie walks, and self-grooming based in Colombia. The crew came along to make a full re-brand-starting off by its name to its visual identity. 

Inspired by happy wagging tails, we created a friendly and fun brand, giving customers a clean and safe space for their dogs, expressing joy and movement through a cute, playful, and cheeky brand identity. We designed a custom bold and quirky font to elevate the brand's personality by making it just like Wiggli's pups: playful, happy, and sweet. We crafted a bold and rounded style to outline its friendly and approachable identity by adding details and gestures that take inspiration from dogs' tails. We paired it with a set of vibrant colors where blue calls to mind feelings of calmness, pink essentially reaffirms Wiggli's affection and playfulness, and yellow symbolizes the energy, joy, happiness, and friendship that our pets will get.